Become a Delegate

FIU students looking to participate in the FIU Model United Nations Program must submit an application and undergo a selection process involving an interview and a try-out simulation.

Applicants will be contacted by email or phone to schedule an interview as soon as our recruitment team processes the application. Be reminded that the earlier applications are submitted, the earlier applicants will be contacted. Applications must be submitted electronically to

After interviews have taken place, prospective applicants must participate in a try-out simulation where applicants will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in negotiation, diplomacy, and public speaking.Check Upcoming events for simulation dates.

The final selection will be made after the try-out simulation, and applicants will be directly contacted about their acceptance into the most successful competitive program at FIU.

We are currently accepting applications via email at or in person in SIPA 530.

Click here to download the application form.