FIU Ranks 2nd In North America Fall 2018

Direct from Best Delegate:

"The powerhouse FIU team put in one of its best performances ever to reclaim their title as the #2 ranked team on the circuit, an accomplishment they’ve only had one other time in the fall semester. FIU’s largest success of the semester was their performance at NCSC, where they won the Best Large Delegation award for the first time there over large delegation rivals UChicago, UPenn, and Harvard. Another notable victory was at BarMUN, where they won the Outstanding Large Delegation award behind only UChicago. Lastly, FIU finished in the top 5 at UPMUNC and in the top 10 at CMUNNY. Overall, FIU received the second most individual awards on the circuit while only traveling to the four highest weighted conferences, and tied for the fourth most gavels on the circuit. The team plans to launch a FIUMUN collegiate conference this year.

Florida International University not only has student leaders, but staff mentors as well. Michelle Rosario, former Head Delegate and current Program Director, has seen her team grow and has some encouraging words to share: “FIU is really proud of what our team was able to accomplish this semester. Last spring, we said goodbye to a lot of amazing seniors, however, we were refreshed with incredible incoming lower class-men that shocked up with their natural talents. In addition, our leadership team worked tirelessly to ensure the best for the team pre-conference and post. Our unity and endless support for one another really defines our team culture.”

Our team is incredibly proud of this achievement and looks forward to hopefully bringing the team to #1 in the near future!

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