FIU Model UN Named #3 in North America


FIU Model UN has been the top team in Florida and the top of any public university in the United States for more than a decade. This year, however, the team faced new challenges amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Through hard work, and a challenging adaptation to the new online platform, students were able to place #3 in North America. Congratulations to our delegates!

From Best Delegate:

"FIU persevered to retain its reputation as one of the Top 5 teams on the circuit — this is their eighth year in a row there. Their highlight performance this year was winning Best Large Delegation at the most competitive conference on the circuit, HNMUN. The team also received Outstanding Small at McMUN. Beyond that, the team competed at the second most conferences on the circuit and consistently contended for delegation awards or received many individual awards at ChoMUN, NCSC, LAMUN, &MUN, and MUNE.

“Despite a long year of lagging wifi, dropped zoom calls, and “what time zone again?” the FIU Model United Nations team was able to do what it does best: come together as a family to tackle the year ahead. Competing at a total of 9 conferences in just the spring semester (including 4 back-to-back weekends, a recent team record) FIU delegates brought energy and excitement to the never ending zoom void. This was also the youngest team to have “traveled” as extensively as they did, bringing home multiple first-time freshman gavelers alongside 4 delegation awards, never forgetting to mention the Best Large Delegation feat at Harvard. However, the true accomplishment of the FIU program was seeing the team redefine and positively change the team culture through countless virtual study days, the mentorship of the graduating seniors, the willingness to sit outside in the Florida sun to watch Sunday awards (socially-distanced), and of course, the support from the university. The FIU MUN team thanks the seniors who transitioned the program to the successful virtual environment this past year, along with thanking graduating Head Delegates Brandon Lee, Nicholas Velazquez, and Ashley Weathers, who dedicated WAY too much of their personal time to seeing the program succeed. While Zoom MUN will be missed (not) incoming Head Delegates and members look forward to seeing the rest of the circuit merge in-person this next year.”"