• Faculty Adviser: Aaron Ramirez
  • Head-Delegate: Eloris Snyder


Harvard National Model United Nations 2007

Comprised of 16 members FIU MUN Delegates traveled to Boston and represented Finland. FIU MUN delegates learned the intricacies of fierce parliamentary debate and came back from the experience stronger and more prepared to take on the National Model United Nations Conference. During the Awards Ceremony, 2 FIU MUN delegates were singled out for their substantive contribution during their committee sessions. These two students were awarded the Honorable Mention Award.

  • Honorable Mention Award: Kathleen Black and Hasheem Benford, World Health Organization

Honorable Mention Award

HNMUN 2007 Team Pictures

Team 1

Team 2

National Model United Nations Conference 2007

FIU MUN delegates packed their bags and traveled to the Big Apple and participated in the nations largest and inter-collegiate Model United Nations conference. FIU MUN delegates competed against over 2500 students from national and international universities. Throughout the semester FIU MUN delegates arduously prepared to represent Slovenia at the National Model United Nations Conference.

The culmination of these efforts resulted in FIU MUN delegates being bestowed the Outstanding Delegation Award, the most prestigious team accolade awarded by the NMUN Staff. Additionally, FIU MUN delegates were also awarded another delegation award for having Outstanding Position Papers Award, an award bestowed upon only the 10% of all position papers submitted during the conference. Special thanks must be given to Aaron Ramirez, FIU MUN faculty adviser, and Eloris Snyder, Head-Delegate, for leading the team to a great team accomplishment. The following students represented FIU at NMUN:

Alexandra Acosta, Maria Montserrat Alvarado, Cassandra Andrade, Kathleen Black, Hasheem Benford, Henric Boiardt, Amanda Fernandez, Viviana Jordan, Allison Jade Leonard, Christian Ochoa, Michelle Oria, Elizabeth Prochet, Eloris Snyder, Jesica Ahava Thavarajah, and Hunter Whaley