• Faculty Adviser: Christian Ochoa
  • Head-Delegate: Victoria Cueto


  • FIMUN 2009 Secretary-General: Ray Hernandez


Harvard National Model United Nations 2009

Representing Greece, the 2009 Team was comprised of 18 members. The team traveled to Boston, braved the frigid winter weather, and left Boston with won four individual awards, the third most individual awards in FIU MUN history (2011 with 6 and 2008 with 5. The following delegates were recognized at HNMUN 2009:

Best Delegate

Jennifer Ruiz and Walsy Saez, World Summit for Sustainable Development

Jennifer and Walsy

Honorable Mention

Ray Hernandez and Anais Taboas, Disarmament and International Security Committee



Honorable Mention

Carolina Neves, World Health Organization


Honorable Mention

Taylor Prochnow, Economic Commission for Europe

HNMUN 2009 Team Photos

National Model United Nations Conference 2009

Comprised of 19 delegates, FIUMUN delegates were tasked with representing the Kingdom of Denmark. The team traveled to the New York City and participated in the nations largest Model United Nations Conference: NMUN. Although the competition was fierce, FIUMUN swept the delegations awards. The delegates were conferred with the Outstanding Delegation and Outstanding Position Paper Awards, the highest delegation awards attainable. This is marks the fourth consecutive year that FIUMUN has won the coveted Outstanding Delegation award, which ties the longest NMUN winning streak in school history. Moreover, this was just the third time in FIUMUN history that it has won both the Outstanding Delegation and Position Papers awards.

This years success could not have been possible without the tireless efforts of Christian Ochoa, FIUMUN Faculty Adviser and Victoria Cueto, FIU MUN Head-Delegate. In addition, special thanks and consideration are given to Amanda Fernandez, Robert Myers, and Zeke Romero who each devoted and invested much of their personal time to ensuring delegates understood and appreciated the many nuances of the FIUMUN Program.

The following FIU MUN Delegates were recognized as being Outstanding Delegates:

Michael Alfaro, Anamaria Arias, Ryan Brooks, Ana Paola Capaldo, Victoria Cueto, Ashley Dewelde, Amanda Fernandez, Ray Hernandez, Emmanuel Mevs, Robert Myers, Angelica Navarette, Carolina Neves, Jessica Ortiz, Taylor Prochnow, Darwin Rodriguez, Zeke Romero, Jennifer Ruiz, Anais Taboas, and Walsy Saez.

Most Outstanding Delegate(s) in Committee

NMUN offers between two and five committee awards in each committee selected by popular vote of committee delegates (number based on size of committee). When voting for their peers, NMUN asks delegates to keep in mind that the conference believes outstanding delegates are those who cooperate and stay in the policy/character of their assigned member state. Recipients are announced at the final committee session. This year FIU MUN delegates won 5 individual committee awards, which are as follows:

  • Anais Taboas and Jennifer Ruiz, General Assembly First Committee
  • Emmanuel Mevs and Ryan Brooks, World Trade Organization
  • Taylor Prochnow and Darwin Rodriguez, African Development Bank
  • Anamaria Arias and Victoria Cueto, UN Development Fund for Women
  • Walsy Saez, UN Aids Programme Coordinating Board

NMUN 2010 Team Pictures