• Faculty Adviser
    • Ray Hernandez
  • Head-Delegates
    • Cristine Ale and Ryan Brooks
  • FIMUN 2011 Secretary-General
    • Daniela Gonzalez

University of Pennsylvania Model United Nations Conference (UPMUNC) 2010

For the first time in FIU history, Model UN delegates were allowed to participate in a fall conference. In order to participate, returning senior students had to participate in a fall course. After rigorous training during the fall, the team participated at UPMUNC. Overall, 5 out of 7 students were recognized for their substantive contributions during the Closing/Awards Ceremony. The following students were individually recognized:

  • Honorable Mention
    • Nick Chura, Representing India in UN SPIDER
  • Verbal Commendation
    • Cristine Ale and Hayden Simms, Representing Viet Nam in the Special Political and Decolonization Committee
  • Verbal Commendation
    • Ryan Brooks and Daniela Gonzalez, Representing Viet Nam in the Disarmament and International Security Committee

UPMUNC 2010 Team Pictures Team Picture1 Team Picture2

  • HHNMUN 2011
    • The FIU MUN Team traveled to Boston for the 57th Session of HNMUN and represented the Republic of India. FIU fielded its largest competitive team ever with 26 delegates participating and 24 competing. The team prepared arduously for the conference throughout the fall and spring semester. The result yielded the most successful HNMUN performance in FIU MUN history. In total, 11 out of the 24, delegates were recognized for their excellent performance during the Closing/Awards Ceremony. The following FIU delegates were individually recognized:
  • Best Delegate
    • Aaron Heria and Watlyn Clervoix, Shanghai Cooperation Organization

img:shanghai.jpg, delegate}

  • Outstanding Delegate
    • Cristine Ale and Iohana Sanchez, United Nations Human Rights Council


  • Outstanding Delegate
    • Ryan Brooks and Daniela Gonzalez, The United Nations High Commission on Refugees


  • Outstanding Delegate
    • Octavio Mella and Nahir Davila, Special Political and Decolonization Committee


  • Honorable Mention
    • Hayden Simms, The Historical Security Council, 1967

honorable mention

  • Honorable Mention
    • Ana Portal and Yesenia Alfonso, World Health Organization


HNMUN 2011 Team Photos:

Team Team Team

National Model United Nations 2011

Twenty-four FIU MUN delegates traveled to New York City to participate at NMUN 2011- Sheraton Venue. FIU delegates were responsible with representing the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, which is also the first time FIU has represented a Latin American country. FIU was awarded the Outstanding Delegation award, the highest team award possible.

This marks the 6th straight year that FIU has been recognized as an Outstanding Delegation, which is the longest streak in university history. Over 3000 students and 150 Universities attended NMUN 2011. The 2011 FIU NMUN Team was the largest FIU delegation ever fielded and was comprised of the following students:

Cristine Ale, Yesenia Alfonso, Federico Baez, Ryan Brooks, Karla Cabral, Nick Chura, Watlyn Clervoix, Nahir Davila, Mario Di Giovanni, Michael Fernandez, Melissa Font, David Gilarranz, Daniela Gonzalez, Aaron Heria, Laura Javier, Macarena Jimenez, Nicolas Jimenez, Jesse Lemon, Octavio Mella, Juan Muskus, Manuel Nino, Christina Olivos, Ana Portal, Iohana Sanchez, Hayden Simms, and Alexandra Uriarte.

Group Group

In addition to the Outstanding Delegation Award, every FIU delegate was recognized as the Most Outstanding Delegate in Committee (often referred to as the Best Delegate). Please see below for more information on this award. This is the first time since NMUN adopted the individual awards that every student from one university has been recognized with this award. Moreover, the 2011 FIU MUN team shattered the previous FIU team record for this award, which was previously set at 5 by the 2009 team. The success of the team is due to the tireless efforts of the Head-Delegates, Ryan Brooks and Cristine Ale, who implemented a daunting delegate training schedule, as well as course curriculum.

In addition to the team award and the Best Delegate awards, Cristine Ale and Christina Olivos were voted by their peers to serve as their representative on the Executive Bureau during the Plenary Session of the Economic and Social Council, which was held on the last day of the conference.